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Free Pumpkin Printables – Fun Activities For Kids

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Are you looking for easy free pumpkin printables for kids? These are fun printable pumpkin templates for drawing pumpkins, scavenger hunts, coloring pages, and more. A great way to spend time doing fall activities with kids of all ages. These could even be the perfect addition for fun Halloween activities like drawing spooky carved pumpkins.

Pumpkin printables on a yellow background.

No matter when you decide to print off these and use, the pages are perfect pumpkin fun for kids.

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Why You’ll Love This Pumpkin Printables Set

  • Versatile Templates: This package includes 9 pages of free templates, from pumpkin coloring pages to scavenger hunts and more.
  • Seasonal Fun: This product is perfect for fall activities, especially for the month of October, Halloween, and Thanksgiving crafts.
  • Kid-Friendly: Designed to engage kids of all ages with fun, interactive pumpkin games and activities.
  • Free and Easy: Accessible at no cost, making it easy to print and enjoy a variety of creative pumpkin-themed activities.

What You Need For Printables

What Is In This Printable Pumpkin Set

Here is what you will find in this free pumpkin template printables set. Grab some plain printer paper and let the kids enjoy these entertaining fall-themed activities. Maybe even pair it with a piece of pumpkin pie while you are working on one of the craft ideas.

Yellow table with pumpkin printables.

Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt

Head to your local pumpkin patch and search around for items on the list. You might also find areas in your town, like a part, with items from the list. This is great for when you know you will be at a real pumpkin patch. I like to put the papers on a clipboard and have plenty of pens and markers.

The little ones will have a full day at the pumpkin patch looking for items such as a pumpkin vine, hay bales, apples, a scarecrow, and more!

Printable Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt with fall images.
Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt Game

Pumpkin Dash

This printable pumpkin-themed board game is a wonderful fall activity for rainy days or even during a road trip. While rolling the dice and trying to be the first to reach the finish line, the kids will also improve their counting skills!

You can make it even more exciting by throwing in some small prizes. There are plenty of frugal fall-themed items at Dollar Tree or Dollar General that would work for this.

Printable Pumpkin Dash Game For Kids.
Pumpkin Dash Game

Roll A Pumpkin

Roll the dice to find what you have to draw. The goal is to draw a pumpkin! This is a fun dice game that is good for fine motor skills for little ones. Even older kids will have fun racing to draw their pumpkin shape first.

You can do it slowly for little kids and allow them time to really work on drawing. For older kids, you could make a timer and then give each kid a dice, so they could race to get their whole pumpkin drawn first. This would be a lot of fun.

Printable Roll A Pumpkin Game For Kids.
Roll A Pumpkin Game

Fall Coloring Sheets

Grab some markers or crayons and let your kids color and create. Then let them practice their scissor skills by cutting them out from a cute pumpkin to sly foxes and all things in between.

This fun activity is great for cold days when you want to stay indoors instead of getting out in the cold. Print off as many of the fall and pumpkin coloring sheets as you like.

Go a step further and use sidewalk chalk instead; it will give the color pages a really fun look!

Printable pumpkin coloring sheet.
Fall Coloring Printable Sheets

Snag Your Printable

Get your copy of these Pumpkin Printable Games. Click the link and hit download to download your free printable pack.

Tips For A Fall Themed Party

Hosting a fall-themed party can be a delightful way to celebrate the season with friends and family. Here are some tips to help you throw a memorable autumn bash using our pumpkin printables and some delicious fall recipes.


Set the tone with fall decor like orange, yellow, and brown. Use pumpkins, hay bales, and colorful leaves to bring a cozy autumn feel to your space. You can even use the fall coloring sheets to create custom decorations. Simply have the kids color them in, cut them out, and hang them around the party area for a personalized touch.


A fun way to keep your guests entertained is with pumpkin-themed games. Set up stations for the Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt and the Pumpkin Dash game. These activities are engaging and promote interactive and cooperative play among kids and adults alike. For some indoor fun, have a table where guests can play Roll A Pumpkin or work on their own fall coloring sheets.

Food and Drinks

Food is a crucial part of any party. Incorporate some of our mouth-watering fall recipes to keep your guests’ taste buds happy. Serve up Pumpkin Snickerdoodles as a sweet treat, or impress with Mini Pumpkin Pop Tarts. For a more savory option, consider having a Pumpkin Spice Recipe station where guests can create their own spiced beverages or snacks. 

Pumpkin Craft Table

Set up a Halloween crafts table where younger kids and big kids alike can create their own pumpkin crafts using the free printables. Supply crayons, markers, and scissors, and let their creativity flow. You can also use tokens and dice to play various pumpkin-themed board games, making it a versatile spot where guests can craft and play.

By combining these elements, you’ll ensure that your fall-themed party is a hit! Whether it’s the decorations, activities, or delicious food, your guests will leave with wonderful autumn memories.


Is it free to download these printables?

Yes, it is free to download and print these pumpkin activities and coloring sheets. Just know this is for personal use only. You can not sell these printables as your own.

How do you make a homemade scavenger hunt?

Use the free printable in this packet, and then hide the items on the list, or go around a pumpkin patch searching for the items. Then mark them off one by one as you find them.

Can I use these printables for classroom activities?

Yes, these printables are perfect for school use fall-themed classroom activities. You can also laminate them for long-term use and have students work on them during free time or as a quiet activity.

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