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9 Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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Are you looking for some simple and easy healthy smoothie recipes? What if I told you you can make healthy smoothie recipes with just a few ingredients?

This list of healthy fruit smoothie recipes will have you looking forward to your very next step! These would be perfect for breakfast smoothies, lunch and dinner smoothies, or a filling afternoon snack loaded with flavor and taste!

healthy smoothie recipes

Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes

What I love most about having a free printable for smoothie recipes is that I have it handy to use at any point in time. We all have those moments in the morning where we don’t know what we want to eat, right? Once glass at this smoothie PDF will remind you that you actually have a ton of delicious options!

You can easily make one or more of these delicious smoothies during the week! You’ll have fun trying to figure out the best combination for your tastebuds. (you can even mix and match and create your own!)

Why It Works

  • All the ingredients are listed right on the smoothie printable PDF
  • Every smoothie recipe is fast and simple to make
  • Easy to take with you when you’re traveling to stay on track with your healthy eating habits

Creative Ways to Use These Printables

  • Hang it up on your fridge – I find that I’ll remember to use things when they’re right in front of me. Instead of snacking in the fridge on something random, hanging this easy healthy smoothies recipe PDF on the fridge doors is a great reminder on an awesome snack!
  • Share it with someone who wants to change their eating habits – The word “diet” and sometimes even the word “healthy” can have a negative feeling with it. If you have something mention to you that they want a tasty way to change up the way they eat, share this smoothie list with them!
  • Laminate to use over and over again – Don’t ruin the printable by spilling your smoothie on it! Laminate it and keep it safe for years of use.

Equipment Needed / Helpful Tools

  • Blender

How It Works

Where to get This Health Smoothie Recipes Printable

All you have to do is print out the printable list of smoothie recipes and get started! I’ve created a bright and lovely printable that will make you want a smoothie asap! It’s really as simple as that! Grab your free Healthy Smoothie Recipes Printable.

Who knew that there were so many great recipes for DIY smoothies?! All you need is some fruit and veggies, a healthy liquid, and a craving for smoothies and you’re well on your way to making the best smoothie recipe, ever!

easy healthy smoothie recipes | kimschob.com

The Best Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes FAQs

What are the healthiest things to put in a smoothie?

Fruit and vegetables are always great additions. You can also add coconut water or coconut milk, and almond milk, too.

Are smoothies a good way to lose weight?

They can be but they’re not really used in that way. Some people will use them as but they shouldn’t solely be relied on to shed the pounds. Remember that a balanced diet is a key to promoting and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

What should you not put into a smoothie?

You can really add anything that you want into a smoothie. One thing that changes the texture is when you try to add ice. Instead of trying to add ice cubes and blend them up to thicken your smoothie, use frozen fruit instead! This gives you the added nutrients from the fruit and also creates that rich and creamy smoothie texture at the same time.

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