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Ultimate List of Rumchata Cocktails

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Do you love the creamy flavor of Rumchata? Here is a list of delicious Rumchata cocktails for you to try out. RumChata is a brand of cream liqueur that is flavored with Caribbean rum and cinnamon. The drink is made by combining real dairy cream with a blend of five-time distilled Caribbean rum and cinnamon.

Collage of nine Rumchata Cocktails.

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This is a nice list of drinks with rumchata to sip on whether you are entertaining guests or wanting a night cap for the evening. Try out my apple shine sangria for another refreshing cocktail idea to try out this week.

🥃 Rumchata Shots and Shooter Recipes

Do you love shots? If so you have to try out these satisfying RumChata shots and shooter recipes. The perfect way to elevate your night. Make sure to check out my blue raspberry jello shots for another party shot.

Ice Cream Cone Rumchata Shots with sprinkles.

Ice Cream Cone Rumchata Shots by Amanda’s Cookin’

This recipe makes the most colorful shots ever! Serve these at any celebration as a way to instantly brighten the scene with a delicious cocktail to share. No one will be able to resist these rumchata shots!

Chocolate rumchata pudding shots with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Chocolate Rumchata Pudding Shots by Easy Party Cocktails

This recipe doubles as a cocktail and a dessert. Creamy pudding with a tasty kick is just the thing to serve on a hot summer evening!

Pink shots in a tall glass with raspberries and cookies.

Raspberry Linzer Cookie Shots by xoxo Bella

This easy cocktail is perfect for the holidays, or anytime you need a drink that also satisfies your sweet tooth! Made with fresh fruit and rumchata, and amaretto, this drink is just the way to warm up on a cold night.

White and red layered shots in tall shot glasses.

Santa Shooters by The Soccer Mom

Save this festive shooter recipe for your next holiday gathering. These layered rumchata shots are both visually appealing and extremely tasty!

Gingersnap pudding shots with gingersnap cookies and pecans.

Ginger Snap Pudding Shots by xoxo Bella

This recipe brings gingersnap cookies, classic eggnog flavors, pudding, and alcohol together to make an unforgettable sweet to share with your grown up friends for a fun way to share a shot and snack.

Orange cream jello shots in cups with whipped cream and orange slices.

Creamsicle Jello Shots by The Slow Roasted Italian

This creamy jello shot is destined to be a big hit at your next gathering. Made with jello and rumchata, these are just the right portion for a jiggly and tasty shot option!

Candy cane shooter in a shot glass rimmed with crushed candy canes.

Candy Cane Shooters by Aleka’s Get Together

Rumchata shooters with a candy cane crunch make for the best seasonal spirit to share with your neighbors or Santa on the big night.

🍹Rumchata Cocktails

Cocktails are always welcome in my home. These creamy and booze filled cocktails will hit the spot with one sip. Try one or more of these decadent alcoholic drinks.

Cinnamon Roll Cocktail with whipped cream and cinnamon stick in a glass.

Cinnamon Roll Cocktails by Kimspired DIY

This is just the rumchata mixed drink to make when you crave something deliciously different. Rumchata and fireball blended together create such a tasty option to serve over ice.

Pineapple rumchata cocktail with mint leaves in a glass.

Pineapple Coconut Cocktails by Daily Appetite

These cocktails are made with pineapple and coconut and has so much rumchata flavor! You can give your taste buds a tropical vacation with just a few easy steps.

Malibu rumchata lime soda in a tall glass with lime wedges.

Malibu Lime Sodas by Sugar and Soul

Make a special drink to sip that has all of the flavor of summer with the best boozy rumchata kick. This recipe solves the equation of what to mix with rumchata.

Rumchata in a glass with ice, a cinnamon stick and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Keto Rumchata by Low Carb Hosier

You are sure to love this potent variation on horchata more so than a liqueur – is super easy to make & delicious. 

🍸 Rumchata Martini Recipes

Who doesn’t love a martini? Try out these easy martini recipes that are going to soothe your cravings and satisfy your taste buds. Whip these up for entertaining friends this weekend.

Rumchata snickerdoodle cocktail with cinnamon sugar rimmed glass and a cinnamon stick.

Snicker Doodle Martini by Spend with Pennies

Let a favorite cookie inspire your next cocktail! This snicker-doodle cocktail is made with rumchata and has buttered rum vibes that you are going to love.

Martini with cinnamon stick in martini glass.

Pumpkin Rumchata Martini by The Littlest Crumb

This creamy Pumpkin RumChata Martini is the perfect fall cocktail. Made with homemade pumpkin simple syrup, RumChata and vanilla vodka for a delicious after dinner dessert drink.

Creamy martini in a martini glass with whipped cream and pumpkin.

Pumpkin Pie Martini by Aleka’s Get Together 

This easy martini checks all of the boxes for a perfect fall drink. One sip of this, and I am sure you will be thankful that you made these rumchata mixed drinks!

Creamy martini in a martini glass with cinnamon, fireball, rumchata.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Martini by Knife and Paddle

This martini hits all of the notes of a classic cereal with a delicious boozy kick. You are going to love how easy this rumchata and fireball drink is to make and share.

Tiramisu cocktail with whipped cream and cinnamon and Cinnamon sticks.

Tiramisu Martini by Delightful E Made

This martini has all of the flavor of tiramisu with a tasty kick of rumchata in the mix! You are sure to love this as an after dinner treat or serve it on a Girl’s Night In.

💡More Rumchata Drink Ideas

Here are a few more great drink recipes that use the liquor in a fun and different way. It is a great way to think outside of the box in terms of how to use Rumchata in your drinks.

Rumchata and coffee with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkle in a glass.

Rumchata Coffee by Food Lovin Family

Make this coffee with rumchata hot and cozy, or chilled over ice for a boozy cocktail with a little pick me up included. 

Boozy rumchata cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows in a black mug.

Rumchata Hot Cocoa by Occasional Cocktails

This cozy cocoa recipe has the perfect kick! Make a few cups of this to share with someone special on a chilly night. The shot of rumchata gives it so much flavor!

White russian in a glass with rimming.

Rumchata White Russians by Trop Rockin

This creamy white russian recipe has the perfect amount of spice to make it twice as nice as the original. This is such a great use for rumchata in mixed drinks.

Chai Rumchata in a glass with a cinnamon stick.

Chai Rumchata by DIY Danielle

Serve these easy rumchata mixed drinks cold or hot. Either way, you are going to want to sip this boozy drink all evening long.

Eggnog with rumchata in a glass.

Rumchata Eggnog by Greedy Gourmet

This twist on eggnog brings rumchata to the mix for a delicious drink that is perfect for a celebration or you might want to serve it as a way to warm up on a cold night.

❓Common Questions

What to mix with RumChata?

RumChata is a versatile liqueur that can be mixed with a variety of other spirits and ingredients to create delicious cocktails. Amaretto, pineapple juice, vodka, coffee, and more are popular items used in mixing with this liquor.

What kind of liquor is RumChata?

RumChata is a cream liqueur, meaning that it is a sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage made by combining cream with spirits such as rum. Specifically, RumChata is made by blending five-time distilled Caribbean rum with real dairy cream and a secret blend of spices, including cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. The result is a smooth and flavorful liqueur that is perfect for sipping on its own or using as a base for cocktails.

Can a shot of RumChata get you drunk?

In general, consuming a shot of liqueur with this alcohol content is unlikely to cause significant intoxication for most people. However, it’s important to remember that alcohol affects everyone differently, and it’s always important to drink responsibly and in moderation.

Do you drink RumChata straight up?

Yes, RumChata can be enjoyed straight up as a sipping liqueur. It has a smooth, creamy texture and a sweet, cinnamon flavor that many people enjoy on its own. When served straight up, RumChata is typically served at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Should RumChata be refrigerated?

Yes, RumChata should be refrigerated after opening. Since RumChata contains real dairy cream, it is perishable and can spoil if left at room temperature for too long.

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