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Cookie Scoop Size Cheat Sheet

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Grab this free Cookie Scoop Size Cheat Sheet that includes everything you need to make the perfect batch of cookies every time. This set is designed to help you pick the right cookie scoop for the batch of cookies you want to make. This cookie scoop sizes chart will help you make the perfect sized cookie! 

Cookie scoop size cheat sheet printable on dark background with text on top.
Cookie Scoop Size Cheat Sheet

Cookie scoops are one of my most used baking tools. When it comes to the best cookie scoop size, I have many different sizes, and they get a lot of mileage in my kitchen.

Despite being called cookie scoops, you can use them for various other baking projects! I use them for portioning out muffins, cupcakes, or any time I need a dough evenly portioned. 

  • The Perfect Size Cookie Every Time: Using this guide, you can make sure you have the perfect cookie size no matter what size scoop you have to use! Uniform sized cookies loaded with flavor? Yes, please! 
  • No More Guessing: If you have multiple cookie scoops, now you don’t have to wonder what size it will be! No more asking yourself, “what size cookie scoop do I need” when you’re baking ever again! 
  • Tried and True Method: Get the right size every time, and use the tried and accurate measurements.
  • It’s nice and handy: You just have to print it once and hang it in a place you’ll look at to use it as often as you want. It’s great for a time saver and for keeping you on track with your baking needs.

Using a cookie scoop is going to be so beneficial for your baking. This cookie scoop size chart shows the differences! 

  1. Using the same size cookie scoop will shape them into rounds and create a line of even and uniform-looking cookies.
  2. Using a cookie scoop will reduce the prep time and help you make dough balls easier.
  3. When you have uniform cookies, you get an exact baking time consistent for all the cookies!
  4. Cookie scoops make it easier and cleaner to get your cookies out, making less wasted dough or batter.

All this data is excellent, isn’t it? You can now have all the info you need to start scooping! All of those numbers don’t always help you with how big your cookies will be once they’ve baked. 

There are a lot of factors ranging from ingredients to temperatures and even the pan you cook them in that can change the baking size. However, you can still use these to give you a rough idea. We all can agree that a tablespoon of dough isn’t going to get you a huge 4-inch cookie!

Outside of cookie dough, there are many other handy ways you can use this trusty cookie scoop. While cookie scoops work for softer foods, you can also use them for:

  • Muffin Batter
  • Pancake Batter
  • Cupcake Batter
  • Meatballs
  • Chicken Salad
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Melon Scooping
  • Sour Cream Topping
  • Ice Cream
  • Truffles
Cookie Scoop Size Cheat Sheet printable.
Cookie Scoop Size Cheat Sheet

Download Cookie Scoop Size Cheat Sheet and print them out to get your own cookie scoop size cheat sheet and start making the perfect cookies! That’s all you have to do! Just print it out and keep it in your kitchen whenever it’s time to bake.

Is it free to download these printables?

Yes, it is free to download and print any printable from our site. Just know this is for personal use only. You can not sell these printables as your own.

What size is a standard cookie scoop?

You’ll find most cookies that are sold in stores use a scoop that is a size #30 or a size #40. 

How can I tell what size my cookie scoop is?

Somewhere on your scoop, there will be a number printed. It may be located on the inner part of the scoop or the backside of the scoop. Typically, it’s engraved into the metal portion. 

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