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Keto Grocery List – Free Printable!

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Wondering what to add to your Keto grocery list? This free keto grocery list printable PDF is perfect! Not only does it give you the basic keto food items but it comes in a printable list that makes it super simple, too.

The next time you’re heading to the grocery store, use this basic keto grocery list as a great way to stock up on keto food items to keep in the house.

Keto Grocery List with keto foods close up

Keto Grocery List

Eating low carb shouldn’t have to feel like a huge chore. If you’re worried that you’re going to have to spend all of your days trying to remember what to eat, this is where this keto grocery list for beginners comes into play! With just a quick glance, you’ll see all the great keto-friendly foods that you can enjoy.

Why It Works

  • Shows a simple to use list of foods that are good for the keto diet
  • Takes away the stress and worry of trying to think of foods
  • Printable and easy to take with you to the store for your weekly shopping trips

Creative Ways to Use These Printables

  • Make your meal plan: Use the food items listed on the keto grocery list to create your meal plan for the week. This is a simple way to plan ahead and stay away from the impulse items at the store.
  • Share with family and friends: Do you have others in your life that follow a keto eating regime? Share this with them to so that they can stress less.
  • Print out and hang up on the fridge: Reminding yourself of healthy food options will help you stay on track and put those snacks back on the shelf.
Keto List Printable page one
Keto Grocery List page two
Keto Grocery List page three

Equipment Needed / Helpful Tools

  • Food scale – Weighing out certain foods will help with portion control and making sure that you’re staying within your carb count for the day.
  • Laminator – Laminating your printables are a great way to make sure that they’ll last!
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

How It Works

I’ve made the entire process super simple for you! I compiled some of the best keto foods all on one printable sheet. You’ll also have a blank printable as well that you can write your own on. It’s one printable that is going to really help you out on your low-carb journey!

Where to get This Free Keto Grocery List Printable

Getting this free list of keto diet foods is super simple to do. Just right-click the link and open the printable file. You can save it right to your computer and print it as well. Click to get the FREE Keto Grocery List Printable.

Keto Foods Printable FAQs

Does this printable list all the foods items that are low in carbs?

Nope, it doesn’t. You’ll find a few under each section but there are really a lot more. This is why there is a second page that gives you space to add some of your favorites as well.

What foods are forbidden on keto?

You’re going to want to stay away from beans, pieces of bread, sugars, and basically anything fried.

Is it hard to stay on track with a keto diet?

It’s actually not once you get started. Instead of thinking as low carb as a way to restrict your eating habits, look at it in a way that opens up the door for you to find new ways to cook and eat. Low carb means that you’ll be able to enjoy fresh foods in fun and unique ways!

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