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20 Best Moonshine Recipes to Make at Home

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Looking for the perfect moonshine recipes? Check out my list of moonshine drinks below. Moonshine really is a Southerner’s drink that dates back as far back as the founding of America. You can create your own fun spin on moonshine at home with a few simple and easy moonshine recipes.

After all, they say that the best moonshine is made with love from the heart. Making homemade moonshine is surprisingly easy and gets better the longer it sits!

Collage of six different moonshine recipes.

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Easy Moonshine recipes

We’ve rounded up the twenty best Moonshine recipes to create a fun new moonshine drink to try. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail or something fun to serve at a party, we’ve got you covered.

Apple Shine Sangria

apple and moonshine

Sangria and moonshine join forces in this Apple Sangria Moonshine recipe. This cocktail will liven up any party! Give it a try today!

Pumpkin Pie Moonshine

A cup of coffee, with Pie and Pumpkin

This pumpkin pie moonshine is so easy to make and one of my favorites!

Crock-Pot Pineapple Moonshine

A cup of coffee and a glass of beer on a table, with Slow Cooker and Pineapple
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If you’re looking for an easy hands-off recipe, you can’t go wrong with this crock pot pineapple moonshine. Give this mouthwatering slow cooker moonshine a try.

Elderberry Good Girl Moonshine 

A close up of a glass of beer on a table, with good and Elderberry

This elderberry moonshine is both immune-boosting and a delicious way to enjoy moonshine.

Melon Flavored Witches Brew Moonshine 

Moonshine Recipes | kimschob.com

Enjoy this spooky melon flavored moonshine that is perfect for Halloween.

Candy Corn Moonshine

Moonshine Recipes | kimschob.com

This candy corn moonshine tastes just like candy, and it’s perfect for fall tailgating.

Red Velvet Cupcake Moonshine

Moonshine Recipes | kimschob.com

This red velvet cupcake moonshine is an excellent drink mixer to help make this cool moontini.

Black Widow Venom Moonshine

Moonshine Recipes | kimschob.com

This sweet and spicy moonshine is a perfect drink to pair with the new Black Widow movie.

Strawberry Shortcake Moonshine

Moonshine Recipes | kimschob.com

If you love strawberries or strawberry shortcake, you are going to love this strawberry shortcake inspired moonshine recipe.

Spiced Cranberry Moonshine

Moonshine Recipes | kimschob.com

This spiced cranberry moonshine is the perfect moonshine recipe for those crisp fall evenings.

Sour Cherry Moonshine

Moonshine Recipes | kimschob.com

A sweet puckering moonshine recipe that is perfect for a delicious tart taste.

Homemade Strawberry Moonshine 

A close up of a glass of orange juice, with Strawberry moonshine

This homemade strawberry moonshine recipe is perfect for backyard parties or tailgates.

Instant Pot Apple Pie Moonshine 

A close up of food on a table, with Apple and Pie

Make this delicious apple pie moonshine in your Instant Pot right at home.

Tropical Punch Good Girl Moonshine

A glass of orange juice, with Apple and Punch
binary comment

If you’re looking for a delicious cocktail that is Trim Healthy Mama friendly, you can’t go wrong with this Tropical Punch Moonshine.

Instant Pot Creamsicle Moonshine 

Instant Pot and check

This Instant Pot creamsicle moonshine recipe is so delicious and a sweet way to end summer. Instant Pot Moonshine is so simple to make, and full of flavor.

Caramel Moonshine

A blender filled with food, with Apple and Caramel

You need only two ingredients to make this easy caramel moonshine recipe.

Instant Pot Lemon Drop Moonshine 

A glass of orange juice, with good and Lemon

This refreshing lemon flavored Instant Pot lemon drop moonshine is a delicious summertime moonshine recipe.

Peach Cobbler Moonshine 

A glass of orange juice, with Apple and Peach

This peach cobbler moonshine is a sweet way to enjoy tailgating or backyard parties.

Basil Peach Moonshine Cocktail

good and create

This basil peach moonshine recipe has all the delicious flavors of summer with a little herbaceous note.

Sweet Tarts Moonshine 

Candy and Tart

This delicious sweet tart moonshine recipe is just as delicious as it is fun to make.

Raspberry Gelato Moonshine 

A pink flower on a table

Enjoy the delicious flavors of moonshine in this raspberry gelato moonshine that is perfect for hot days.

Common Questions

What is Moonshine?

Moonshine is a homemade unaged whiskey that can be flavored depending on the ingredients used. You might know Moonshine as an illegal drink that bootleggers made years ago. These moonshine recipes here are legal and safe to make.

Is Moonshine Illegal?

Making moonshine with a still is illegal. But making moonshine, like one of the recipes here, is not illegal. It is a lighter form of moonshine and isn’t like the traditional methods of souring the corn mash, then spending a night brewing. Brewing moonshine with a distillery you made is a fire hazard, risky, and illegal.

What is moonshine made from?

Classic moonshine was made with corn, sugar, yeast, and water. Now, for these recipes, you will find Everclear alcohol is the base for these moonshine recipes! There is a lot of difference in how moonshine is made.

How strong is moonshine?

You will control how strong you make your moonshine recipe. But, if you are using Everclear as the base, just know the alcohol will be very strong. As that is one of the strongest alcohols you can buy.

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