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Theme Night Dinner Ideas Meal Planner Pack

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Are you looking for a simple meal planning solution for meals? This free Theme Night Dinner Ideas Meal Planner Pack to help you come up with ideas, plan, and shop for your meals all in one place. Theme Night Dinners are a fun way to plan your weekly meals easily! 

Image of Theme Night Dinner Ideas Meal Planner Pack with food on background.
Theme Night Dinner Ideas Meal Planner Pack

I enjoy meal planning almost as much as coming up with new recipes for my family to try out each week. With so many great recipes just a few clicks away, choice paralysis can kick in. Themed nights can help make mealtimes more exciting and easy, so I put together a huge list of theme night dinner ideas to help you get started too! Don’t worry; this list goes WAY beyond the classic idea of Taco Tuesdays.

Why You’ll Love Using This Theme Night Dinners Meal Planner Pack

  • This free printable pack will help you save money! This means you won’t be throwing away leftovers or overspending at the grocery store!
  • This planner pack will help you plan your meals. The theme night ideas combined with my meal planner will help you easily plan out your entire week of meals all in one go! No cookbooks or scrolling through Pinterest are required.
  • Mealtimes will get a lot easier. One of the hardest parts of dinner is planning what to have and coming up with ideas. This planner pack takes the stress out of both of those!
  • Dinner can be fun again. When was the last time your family was waiting on the edge of their seat for dinner? Probably not recently. This planner pack will help make dinner fun for the whole family.

What’s Included

Theme Night Dinner Ideas List

There are so many possibilities for themed dinner ideas. They can be a great motivator to help you stop eating out or just make a meal more exciting at home. This list will help inspire you to have fun theme nights and even get the inspiration flowing.

Theme Night Dinner Ideas List printable including soup night, and meatless night.
Theme Night Dinner Ideas List

Meal Planner Sheet

I love using this meal planner sheet because I can easily get my entire meal plan for the week figured out in one go. How many nights have you spent time fussing with your family about dinner? It’s happened to all of us before. 

Using this meal planner, you can plan for things like leftovers or meals you need to make ahead of time for busy nights. You can even grab all of your theme nights and put them right on the planner for even easier planning!

Meal Planner Sheet printable with boxes of different meals on each day of the week.
Meal Planner Sheet

Grocery List

This shopping list printable goes well with the meal planner and idealist. Just put down everything you need to buy for that week, and your meal plan is right there to help you out! Think of just how much time you’ll save by only needing to go to the store just once!

Grocery List free printable with areas for produce, meat, seafood, pantry, pasta/grains, dairy, frozen, and others.
Grocery List Printable

How to do fun themed night dinners

Come up with a theme idea for each night

Coming up with a theme idea is easy because the list does it for you! Many of these ideas allow for variety and flexibility, so you can repeatedly use the same themes or change them to mix up your menu. Start by picking a theme for each night of the week. This will also help you plan your meals and pair down the recipes you pick from. If you need some meal ideas, just look at the sheet! You can easily plan ahead and set some really cool, fun family dinner theme nights! 

Use the themed nights for easy meal planning

This themed night dinner ideas list has many meal ideas that you can use to help you get started. You can even sit down and make a plan for weekly meal theme nights, too. However, if you still need some ideas, feel free to take a theme and use your own recipes to fill it out!

I have a ton of recipes from slow cooker to Instant Pot if you need some help finding the perfect dish.

Use themed nights for special-occasion meals

Eating dinner every night at home can get boring pretty easily. This is especially true if you find yourself eating the same meals repeatedly. You can add something special instead of the same old recipes using themed dinner ideas. 

Here is an example Weekly Theme Night Dinner Plan

Monday- Meatless Night

Recipe ideas:

Tuesday- Pasta Night

Recipe ideas:

Wednesday- Soup Night

Recipe ideas:

Thursday- Sandwich Night

Recipe ideas:

Friday- Skillet Night

Recipe ideas:

Saturday- Breakfast Night

Recipe ideas:

Sunday-Instant Pot Night

Recipe ideas:

Theme Night Dinner Ideas

  • Meatless Night
  • Pasta Night
  • Soup Night
  • Stir Fry Night
  • Sandwich Night
  • Breakfast Night
  • Sheet Pan Night
  • Instant Pot Night
  • Skillet Night

Grab it Now

Click theme Theme Night Dinner Ideas Meal Planner Pack printable, and you’ll be directed to the page where you can grab it! Keep this list handy the next time you need some new dinner ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to download these printables?

Yes, it is free to download and print any printable from our site. Just know this is for personal use only. You can not sell these printables as your own.

What are themed meals?

Themed meals are as simple as having an entire dinner based upon one idea. If you want to have an Italian night, everything on the dinner table should be Italian-focused. 

How do you plan a theme dinner?

Themed night dinners are so easy to plan. Don’t stress about making it overcomplicated. Choose a theme for the night of the week and then gather your ingredients to make it happen. 

What are some theme ideas?

You have options! You can either keep it a theme for an appliance to use for the night or add a fun movie twist to it. A movie-themed dinner means that you make the meal based on the movie and then watch the movie as well! 

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