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Healthy Baking Substitutes For 6 Common Ingredients

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Having Healthy Baking Substitutes is always a good idea. Healthier baking alternatives are actually simple to do! If you’re looking for ways to cut down on oil, sugar, and more, these simple baking substitutions will help you do just that!

Food substitutes are quite common in the baking world as everyone tends to want to find a way to alter recipes so that it fits their diet needs easily. I’m a big fan of finding substitutes for common ingredients because sometimes I don’t always have everything on hand to follow a recipe exactly as written.

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Healthy Baking Substitutes

Finding healthy baking alternatives is perfect for creating food that better fits your preference. If you’re looking for ways to cut down on sugar, eliminate white flour, or use something else besides eggs in your recipes, this free baking printable will be perfect.

This ingredient list printable is a great reminder that you can find different options if a recipe isn’t working for you in how it’s written. You’ll see that the ingredients being altered are supporting ingredients, not the main ones. What this means is that overall, these substitutions should not affect the overall flavor.

Why It Works

  • Simple and easy solutions that won’t alter the flavor
  • Easy solutions to create healthier treats
  • Excellent options to swap out ingredients that may not be able to be enjoyed by everyone
  • Fast and doable options that won’t break the bank

Creative Ways to Use These Printables

  • Share them with family and friends – Do you know someone that can’t enjoy eggs or is trying to cut down on sugar consumption? This healthy baking substitutions PDF is perfect!
  • Make baking fun scratch healthier – Cutting out foods that may not be as good for you and replacing them with a better option that is lower in fat or calories is always a good idea.
  • Get outside of your comfort zone when baking – If you’re stuck in a baking rut, you need to change things up! This is as simple as swapping out a few ingredients and enjoying a new option or two.
  • Print them up and hang them on the fridge – Having them handy when you’re baking is key! Just print them out and have them hanging up so that you can reference them when you’re making something.

Equipment Needed / Helpful Tools

Even though you’re not actually baking anything quite yet, make sure that your cabinets are stocked with the best baking tools and equipment!

  • Stand mixer
  • Mixing bowls
  • Baking pans
  • Parchment paper

How It Works

Where to get This Healthy Baking Substitutions Chart Printable

It’s as simple as right-clicking on the link and downloading. I’ve made it as simple as possible to score these backing hacks and tips that will make you a baking pro in the kitchen! Get the free Healthy Baking Substitutes Printable.

If you want to be extra careful, you can laminate it as well so that it’s safe even if you spill something on it while you’re using it!

Baking substitutes.
healthy baking substitutions | kimschob.com

Healthy Substitutions FAQs

What are healthy baking substitutes for sugar?

If you’re wanting to cut down on sugar, you’ll find that honey, maple syrup, and even a banana are all great options to use instead. Even a natural plant-based sweetener would be a good option.

What are healthy baking substitutes for butter?

It’s true that you can cut out the butter and add in other ingredients. Some options are Greek yogurt, coconut oil, or even an avocado.

What are healthy flour substitutes for baking?

Instead of using flour in your baking, why not see if black beans, whole wheat flour, or even oat flour will work?

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