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Christmas Cookie Exchange Party Pack

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Love the idea of holiday cookies? This Christmas Cookie Exchange Party Pack is the best! Fun to organize with delicious recipes, too!

Printable Christmas Cookie Exchange Party Pack on wood background.

Cookie exchanges are one of the best parts of the holidays. With this printable pack, you’ll be able to plan, organize, and host the holiday event of the year!

This holiday party pack is full of everything that you need to host a cookie swap. Not only will everyone get to share their cookie exchange recipe, but those who bring homemade cookies just might be declared the “best” of the best as well!

The reason these printables are great is that you can keep them small or use them for cookie exchange ideas for large groups, too.

Print out the Christmas Cookie exchange invitations and send them to all of your baking friends. Include the date and time on the invitations and put them in the mail!

Everyone will then bring their favorite cookies, along with the recipe card for others to make a copy of or take a picture of with their phones.

Designate three people to be the judges and have the taste test begin!

Creative Ways to Use These Printables

  • Host a neighborhood cookie exchange – Invite the neighbors over and see their baking skills!
  • Use this as an option for a COVID cookie exchange – Still not excited about meeting up in person? Mail these printables to family and friends and have everyone mail back their recipes. Even if you’re not together, it’s still possible to have fun.
  • Create a Christmas Cookie Exchange Book – Once everyone prints out and returns with their recipes, make copies and create recipe books for everyone.

Tips For Hosting A Holiday Party With Friends

  • Remember that it’s all about having fun! There may be cookies that you don’t care for, but the person who made it took time to bake from their heart. Try a nibble or not, and move along to the next.
  • Make sure you have napkins and milk on hand for crumbs and to quench all the thirst!
  • Purchase enough to-go boxes so everyone can fill up with cookies to take home. This makes the event last and spreads all the tasty fun for several days.

The rules of cookie swaps are simple. (but don’t worry – you can tweak it to whatever you’d like them to be!)

The biggest rule? The cookies have to be homemade. Nothing from a mix. Nothing from a box. And nothing that was bought ready-made from the store.

What’s Included

This cookie exchange printable pack has 8 pages with everything you need for your party. It couldn’t be any easier to make sure your guests will have a great time!

Cookie Exchange Voting Card

Make sure you print a copy of this voting card for all your guests. After the taste-testing and visual inspection is over, they can vote for the following categories:

  • Best Tasting
  • Most Creative
  • Most Festive
  • Best All-Around
Cookie Exchange Voting Card printable.
Cookie Exchange Voting Card

Cookie Exchange Invitation

Print and fill this invitation for all the people on your list, and send it at least a few weeks before the party. This will give your guests enough time to R.S.V.P.

Cookie Exchange Invitation printable.
Cookie Exchange Invitation

Cookie Exchange Recipe Cards

You can hand recipe cards to your guests when they arrive at the party, or even email them this printable so they can print their own at home.

If there are people in the group that have allergies, make sure that everyone has ALL the ingredients listed to be safe.

Cookie Exchange Recipe Cards printable.
Cookie Exchange Recipe Cards

Cookie Exchange Gift Tags

It’s always nice to hand out small gift or party favors, and this being a cookie party, it’s a great idea to stick with the theme. Even if you’re using clear plastic bags to package your cookies, they’ll look great with some ribbon and these printable gift tags attached!

Cookie Exchange Gift Tags printable.
Cookie Exchange Gift Tags

Cookie Exchange Trophies

Printable trophies are such a fun way to celebrate the winners of the cookie exchange contest! Of course, there’s a trophy for each of the voting categories: Best Tasting, Most Creative, Most Festive, Best All-Around.

This way, each winner will have their own prize.

Cookie Exchange Trophies printable.
Cookie Exchange Trophies

Click to grab the Christmas Cookie Exchange Party printable. It has everything that you need to get started with this fun cookie party for the holidays!

Is it free to download these printables?

Yes, it is free to download and print any printable from our site. Just know this is for personal use only. You can not sell these printables as your own.

How many people should you invite to your cookie swap party?

I would invite at least 8-10 people so that you can have a variety of cookies for everyone to try!

What are good prizes to have for the best cookies?

If you can buy some inexpensive baking gifts, that would be so much fun! You can also print certificates or make a cookie trophy for the winners.

What’s a cookie crawl?

This is a great idea, too! If you’re hosting a neighborhood cookie exchange, you could easily make it a cookie crawl by having everyone travel from one house to the next to exchange and nibble on cookies!

Since you’re figuring out how to host a cookie exchange, here are some recipes to keep in mind!

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