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35 New Year’s Eve Jello Shots 

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Count down the clock to 2023 with these fantastic New Year’s Eve Jell-O shot recipes. Your party can be classic with champagne shots all the way to whimsical with cotton candy flavored. The possibilities are endless, but we’ve narrowed down the best of the best shots and shooters for you. 

Collage of six different kinds of Jello shots.

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New Year’s Eve Shots 

Champagne is the epitome of celebration! That’s why these New Year’s Eve Jell-O shots will be the star alcoholic drink at any countdown party. You can easily serve these up on a baking sheet in plastic cups with gold edible glitter.

Champagne jello shot topped with edible glitter stars.

If you love sweeter champagnes with a fancy flare this is the recipe for you. I love the cool droplet shape because it adds another level of fun to the party. Then add in edible glitter or shimmer is a must have! 

Three heart-shaped champagne drop shots.

Vodka works best in this recipe for Strawberry shortcake shots. They have a pretty yellow and reddish pink layer theme that will inspire the party. 

Strawberry Shortcake shots on a wooden board.

Mulled wine with fireball is a classic winter time cocktail combination. Make it into a Jell-O shot for a modern take on a traditional drink. These will blow them away on any party platter or bar. 

Mulled wine fireball jello shot topped with cranberries and orange.

The crowd will love the orange layer combined with the Malibu orange float layer! Key ingredients include boiling water, cold water, white rum, sweetened condensed milk, pineapple Jell-O, and Malibu pineapple rum! 

Several pina colada Jello shots topped with cherries.

This cranberry themed boozy treat is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party. All you need is cranberry Jell-O, vodka, and cranberries! They are so simple, sweet, and tart making them a true winner of the night.

Cranberry jello shots topped with cranberries.

The red and pink layers combined with the creamy smooth cherry flavors make this recipe the best New Year’s Eve Jell-O shots ever. Plus they really pop with some whipped cream and candy sprinkles. 

Layered cherries and cream jello shots with cherries.

I love strawberry cheesecake and you will too in this boozy treat version of the classic dessert. With key ingredients like strawberry Jell-O and cheesecake box mix, what’s not to love? 

Strawberry cheesecake jello shots in glasses.

Ingredients needed for this pineapple coconut cream boozy tree include pineapple coconut juice, island pineapple Jell-O, coconut cream pie pudding powder mix, Coldwater, Rumchata hatta, Malibu rum, and toasted coconut flakes for garnish! 

Pineapple coconut cream jello shots on a wooden table.

Fruity Favorites 

No shot cuppies needed for this fun, easy recipe. The rind is the best way to make a tasty, creative base to hold the boozy Jello-O. It’s delicious and environmentally friendly!

Watermelon jello shots in lime rinds.

Here are some tips to make the most out of your jelly donut shots! They taste best once the liquor has been chilled for 20 minutes in the freezer. You can replace the rum Chatta with Irish cream if you like mint. 

Jelly donut jello shots on a table with jelly donuts.

Fuzzy Navels are fruity, sweet, and simple for a party. Everyone will delight in these popular cocktails in Jell-O form. They require less than 10 minutes of hands-on time, making them quick and easy for a crowd. 

Fuzzy navel jello shots topped with candy peaches.

Serve up these Mai Tais for the tastiest combination of spiced and coconut rum with pineapple juice and orange juice. They are jiggly, sweet, versatile, and perfect for sharing with friends and family. 

Mai tai jello shots topped with cherries and orange slices.

For peach lemon New Year’s Eve Jello shots, you will need 10 minutes of prep time and two hours of cooling time. So gather up one box of peach Jell-O mix, one cup of Smirnoff peach lemonade vodka, one cup of water, peach candy rings, and some plastic condiment cups!

Peach lemon jello shots topped with candy peaches.

Banana split is the perfect flavor theme for these boozy treats. The creamy, silky, smooth, and sweet layers are topped with whip cream and a cherry on top. They will surely be the talk of the party.

Banana split jello shots topped with whipped cream, chocolate, sprinkles, and cherries.

Countdown the clock with these sangria Jell-O shots that turn a classic cocktail into a gelatin dessert. You will love the fruit and the tasty sangria flavor. Delicious drink turned new year treats.

Woman grabbing a Sangria jello shot.

Mojitos are a long standing favorite, so turn the popular beverage into an edible treat. With lime flavors and a smooth texture, they go down quickly! The bright color really pops too. Get the full recipe inside!

Green mojito shooters jello shots with mint and lime.

Creative & Whimsical 

These New Years’ Eve shots have bright colored rainbow layers that everyone will love. The best part is they are simple to make with only 3 ingredients. You will need grenadine, orange juice, and blue curaçao. 

Colorful, layers, rainbow jello shots on a marble counter.

These are fantastic shots to make for a crowd or a group of guests at a party. The flavor possibilities are endless and they’re super fun to make! Use any color and brand you like. Serve them on a cookie sheet next to a bottle of champagne!

Pile of colorful jello shots.

This Cotton Candy Jello Shot recipe will be the most whimsical way to start your New Years party. The flavor will remind you of your favorite fluffy carnival treat. Everyone will be impressed and want to try these so make a big batch. 

Cotton candy jello shots topped with sprinkles and whipped cream.

Pink starburst is the coolest theme for your New Years Eve shots! You will need strawberry flavored gelatin, boiling water, sweet-and-sour mix, whipped vodka, watermelon pucker, Cool Whip, starburst candies, and plastic soufflé cups. 

Pink starburst jello shots with pink starbursts.

Try these classic cherry coke themed New Year’s Eve Jello shots to count down the clock! You will need a 12 count silicone mini muffin pan, 1 box black cherry JELLO gelatin, Coca-Cola soda, cherry vodka, and a few other items. 

Cherry Coke jello shots on a white plate.

These magical rainbow pot o’ gold vodka shots are the perfect way to put a smile on everyone’s face at a party. Only 6 simple ingredients are needed, such as jello, vodka, and boiling water. 

Blue jello shots with white clouds and a rainbow candy on top.

If you love cutesy cocktails, these scooby doo shots are for you. Everyone remembers Scooby Doo and will enjoy the nostalgia. Top with whipped cream and bone shaped Graham crackers for special occasions.

Green jello shot topped with a Scooby snack.

Any NYE crowd will love shooting back these tropical treats. Malibu rum remains a favorite of mine for jello shot recipes cocktails all year round. 

Tropical jello shots on a wooden board.

If you’re looking for stand out fun New Year’s Eve Jello shots for your next party, you’re going to love presenting these shot glasses full of this show stopping gelatin mixture! I promise – it’ll be a huge hit and a party favorite!

Pink and white layered jello shot decorated to look like a unicorn.

Our Top New Year’s Eve Jello shots 

Look how cool and fun these Oreo treats with alcohol in the center are! All you need is a 1/2-inch round cookie cutter, unflavored gelatin, vanilla vodka, whipped vodka, boiling water, sweetened condensed milk, and 12 Oreo cookies! 

Stack of Oreo Cookie jello shots.

Red hot cinnamon shots really burst in your mouth. All you have to do is grab up some plastic soufflé cups with lids, cherry flavored JELL-O, boiling water, Redhots cinnamon flavored candies, cold water, Fireball cinnamon flavored whiskey, whipped cream, and Redhot candies. 

Red jello shots topped with red hots.

Blue raspberry boozy treats are incredibly easy to assemble for your NYE party. You can easily make a few without alcohol too for the designated driver to enjoy. For best results, add some fun sprinkles.

Blue raspberry starburst jello shots on a black tray.

Not only are these tequila sunrise Jell-O shots scrumptious, but they are also so pretty. Everyone will love the crimson and orange layers with the cherry and orange flavors. 

Stack of Tequila Sunrise jello Shots.

If you’re really trying to impress your friends and loved ones these Root Beer Float shots will do the trick. All you need is plastic soufflé cups, red and white straws, root beer soda, unflavored gelatin, whipped vodka, vanilla vodka, and cold water. Garnish with whipped cream and maraschino cherries. 

Root beer float jello shots topped with cherries.

The best part about these Tequila treats is that if you can’t find the limeade, you can substitute ⅔ cup of fresh limeade instead. The author does not recommend using bottled lime juice, though. 

Tequila jello shots rimmed with salt and lime slices.

How cute are these strawberry daiquiri shooters inside real strawberries. Key ingredients include ox strawberry jello mix, fresh squeezed lime juice, white rum, 40 large whole fresh strawberries

Straberry daiquiri shooters in strawberries.

Dirty Shirley’s are perfect for an NYE party because they remind you of an adult version of the classic Shirley Temple. All you need is 5 minutes of time, cherry jello, lemon-lime soda, and vodka. 

Piles of Dirty Shirley Jello Shots.

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You should definitely serve some of these delicious and fun Jello shot recipes at your New Year’s Eve party. They are easy to whip up in large batches and come with their own personalized portions and little cups.

Now you’re ready to throw the event of the year with these New Year’s Eve Jello shot recipes. These are the best ideas around, with amazing flavors and themes. Anyone you choose is sure to impress your guests. 

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