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Pool Party Printables and Coloring Sheets

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These fun Pool Party Printable Games and Coloring Sheets will make your next trip to the pool a blast! Your kids will love playing these awesome poolside games, so you can relax in the sun. These games are perfect for spring break, summer vacation, or whenever you need a way to keep your little ones busy at the pool. Everyone needs this pool party printable pack! 

Is there anything better than long summer days spent poolside? Summer days are scorching, which is why we are spending most of our days at the pool this summer. But as you know, most kids get bored with swimming after a short period or need a break.

To help with summer boredom and pool party fun, I put together these Pool Party Games! They work great for birthday parties or just when you want to give your kids something extra fun to do while they’re visiting the pool this summer.

Pool Party Printables and Coloring Sheets titled \"Free Printable Pool Party Games + Coloring Sheets!\"
Pool Party Printables And Coloring Sheets

How it Works

This printable pack has everything you need to keep your little ones entertained while they’re at the pool! It includes games and coloring pages so that even when they’re not making a splash, they’re having a great time. If you have a bunch of kids going with you, you might want to print out multiple copies so everyone has their own set.

If you are hosting a pool party and want to use these printables, you can divide everyone into smaller groups to help save on paper. It’s a good idea to laminate these so they don’t get soaked while you’re swimming!

What’s Included

Included in this printable set are a bunch of cool summer-themed coloring pages and pool party games for you and your family.

Pool Party Journal

Document your summer fun at the pool with these cool journaling pages! You can use them for journaling through the summer months or while you’re hanging out at the pool.

Pool Party Journal printable activity.
Pool Party Journal Game

Pool Party Charades

Cut out the game cards and enjoy this fun take on a classic charades game! All the prompt cards are pool party themed and I’m sure the kids will love playing!

Pool Party Charades printable game.
Pool Party Charades Game

Pool Party Scavenger Hunt

Look around the pool and see if you can find everything on the list with this fun scavenger hunt for kids. This will surely keep them busy for a while!

Pool Party Scavenger Hunt printable game.
Pool Party Scavenger Hunt Game

Pool Party “Find Someone Who

Talk to people around the pool and see if you can fill out the list! This is great for parties or large groups and can be a great way to get your family talking and making friends.

Pool Party \"Find Someone Who\" Printable Game.
Pool Party “Find Someone Who” Game

Pool Party Coloring Pages

In this pack there are five different summer and pool-themed coloring pages for your little ones to color while at the pool!

Pool Party Coloring Pages on pink background with pool decor.
Pool Party Coloring Pages

Snag These Printables

All you need to do, is to grab your own set of Pool Party Games and print them out! You can have all of these Printable Pool Party Games ready to go in just a few minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to download these printables?

Yes, it is free to download and print any printable from our site. Just know this is for personal use only. You can not sell these printables as your own.

What does everyone love doing at a pool party?

Besides swimming, people want food and games! This is where these pool party activities are a must have! 

What is the best way to play games during a pool party? 

It’s up to you to decide when to start playing the games. Do you want to do the pool party games before everyone starts swimming, during the middle for a break, or at the end when everyone is winding down? 

There are no wrong choices on how to do a pool party! 

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