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Free Football Printables – Printable Game Day Activities!

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These Free Football Printables are perfect for the big game! Who will win? Who will score the most field goals? What are your game day predictions?! This fun football game day party pack is a great addition and will let everyone join in on the fun!

Football printable activities on a yellow background.

If you’re looking for a fun packet of free football party printables, you can’t go wrong with these! No matter which team you’re cheering for, these football printouts are perfect!

Free Football Printables

This set of football printable activities will have everyone geared up and ready for the big day! It’s an easy way to pass the time until kick-off or to challenge each other at your friendly games right at home.

Why It Works

  • These printables are free for personal use! They’re at no cost at all, and once you download them, you’ll be able to print them out right then and there!
  • It creates friendly competition. There’s already some tension in the room as everyone has their favorite football team that they want to win. 
  • This free football activity set is great for all ages! You can complete the printable pages as a team or independently. There’s no wrong way to use these free printables.

Creative Ways To Use These Printables

  • Print them out and time one another – See who can complete them the fastest is a great way to start the day!
  • Answer the questions as if you’re cheering for the opposite team – Throw in a loop for the football fans in the house; a fun way is to make them think you’re rooting for the other team!
  • Play the Football Bingo Game all day long – Once someone yells BINGO, keep going! The best part is you can play the game over and over again!

How It Works

It’s as simple as downloading the printable pack of football sheets and getting started. These activities can be spread out throughout the day, done all at once, saved for half-time, or anything else that you’d like to have happened.

Collage of Football Printables on a blue background.

What’s Included

Time to see what you’re getting! Our free football printables are a fun collection of games and activities you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Answer keys are included in the set for the games that require them. This way, you’ll know exactly who wins first place.

Remember to prepare some delicious Super Bowl party snacks. No one wants to watch the big game on an empty stomach!

Printable Super Bowl bingo game.
Free Football Printable Bingo Game

Bingo is well-loved by people of all ages, so you can play it with the kids, too! What better way to make the commercial break more fun?

Printable Super Bowl crosswords game.
Super Bowl Crosswords Game

This game is going to be a blast! The person who figures out the correct answers first wins!

You can even prepare some treats or small favors to give out as prizes.

Football themed word search printable game.
Super Bowl Word Search

No matter which team you’re rooting for, your football theme party will liven up as soon as you hand out copies of this fun word search game to your party guests. Can you find all the words?

Super Bowl predictions printable game.
Super Bowl Predictions Game

Think you can predict the future? We’ll see!

Try out your hand with these Super Bowl predictions game before the big game starts and see who gets the most correct answers!

Printable Super Bowl emoji pictionary game.
Super Bowl Emoji Pictionary Game

The rules are simple for this entertaining emoji pictionary game: look at the symbols and try to guess the football-related word or phrase. Who will be the winner?

Super Bowl trivia printable game.
Super Bowl Trivia Game

Do you have any Super Bowl geeks present for your ultimate football party?

Play this fun trivia game and see who has their facts straight. The answer key is included, so there won’t be any debates!

Printable Super Bowl squares template.
Super Bowl Squares Template

The Super Bowl squares game will be tough to win but just as fun to play. You’ll eagerly await the end of each quarter to see if your digits match up!

If you need only the squares template, scroll down a bit and find it as a separate download.

Where To Get These FREE Football Game Printable Activities

It’s as simple as kicking a field goal! Just right-click on the download button, open a new window, print, and get started. Are you excited and ready? Grab the free football games 🖨️. (Trust me – they’re such a blast to add to any tailgating party!)

Needing only squares? 🖨️ HERE

Printable Super Bowl squares template.

Printable Football Activities FAQs

Do I need to print these in color?

Nope, these football printables in black and white are perfect. You can print them in color if you’d like, but it’s not required. All of these free party printables
 have graphics or colors available on them, but they’re fine to be left or printed without coloring.

Are there answer keys?

Yes, you betcha there are!

What’s included in this packet?

So many fun football-related activities! This is a word search, crossword puzzle, trivia party game, predictions, emoji Pictionary, football squares, and a printable football bingo game, too!

What are some fun prizes for the winners?

This is where it gets good! The prizes can be anything from cash to a signed football by all the players of the games! Make it as fun and unique as the people you’re going against.

More Fun Printables

Celebrating a football game means that you need to have some great food and drinks on hand, too!

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  1. Hi
    Prepping for next year’s Super Bowl. Do you have an answer sheet for the emoji contest? There are a couple I am unsure of.

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