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Printable Graduation Cards & Tags (Free Print and Download)

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It’s graduation season, and it’s time to party! Let’s get the fun started with these cute and free Printable Graduation Cards. This party pack will take care of decorations, photo signs, and gift tags for your new grad’s graduation party.

Printable Graduation Cards on a beige background with graduation hat.

Graduation is one of the biggest milestones in a person’s life. It is so rewarding to finally reap the fruits of your labor after all that hard work!

Graduation parties are some of my favorites to attend and throw because I love celebrating this important milestone. I made this Graduation Party Printable Set so that you can share in these special occasions with your new grad and throw them an incredible party to celebrate a bright future!

Why You’ll Love This Printable Set

  • Perfect for all-size parties: Whether you’re throwing a big party or a small get-together with family, this set is perfect for any size party.
  • Quick last-minute decorating and planning: This pack will allow you to throw together the perfect party in minutes. Perfect for a last-minute party idea!
  • Not graduation specific: You can use this graduation printable for 8th grade or middle school, high school, college, medical school, or any graduation!
  • Pink and blue versions: These free printable graduation printables come in both pink and blue. Choose the color for your special event, print, and enjoy!

What’s Included

This party set is ready for you to print, cut, and then party! With 18 pages of printable fun from your home printer. You can decorate your home or venue for your upcoming grad’s party.

Why stress out over decorating for a graduation party if you don’t have to? This printable party pack does all the hard work for you. Besides, you should be spending the day thinking about your grad and preparing for the party, and that is why this printable party pack helps you to do. 


Set the stage for your grad’s party with this festive “Congrats’ Grad!” free printable graduation banner! There are also extra decorations to put in between the words at the ends of the banner.

Blue and pink printable graduation banners on a purple background.
Printable Graduation Banners

Photo Signs

There are two different photo signs you can attach to skewers or make silly poses for photos using these awesome prompts!

The fun thing about photo signs is that they’re great for making memories! You can make a really cool scrapbook for your highschool or college graduate to treasure and remember the day by including some of these photos.

Purple printable that says \"Ok......Now what?\"
Pink Graduation Party Photo Signs
Blue printable that reads \"I did it! #Grad.\"
Blue Graduation Party Photo Signs

Gift Tags

Use the tags to decorate your grad’s gift or as gift tags for graduation party favors. In fact, you can use them for both. These are free printable graduation gifts tags, so print as many as you need!

Gift Tag Printables including \"here\'s to a Bright Future.\"
Pink Gift Tags Printable
Blue Gift Tag Printables including \"CON grad ULATIONS!\"
Blue Gift Tags Printable

Grab It Here

Just click to get your Graduation Party Printable Pack in pink. You’ll be redirected to the page where you can grab instant access these. You can also get the same instant download Graduation Party Printable Pack in blue.

How to Use the Printable Free Graduation Cards & Tags 

  • Print on high-quality paper: To ensure the printable cards look their best, consider printing them on high-quality, heavy-weight paper. This will ensure vibrant colors and a sturdy feel.
  • Use a sharp pair of scissors or a paper cutter: Precision is key when cutting out printables. A sharp pair of scissors or a paper cutter will provide clean, straight lines.
  • Consider laminating certain items: Consider laminating items like the photo signs to increase their durability and longevity.
  • Use double-sided tape for banners and signs: This type of tape will securely fasten your banners and signs without being visible.
  • Print extras: It’s always a good idea to print a few extras, especially items like gift tags, just in case you need more than expected.
Printable Graduation Cards on a pink background with pencils, rulers, and scissors.

Fun Graduation Party Ideas

DIY Graduation Party Food Stations

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a graduation party is the food! Instead of a traditional sit-down meal, consider setting up DIY food stations. This fun and interactive idea allows guests to customize their food according to their preferences. 

You can set up a taco bar, a salad station, a hot dog and burger stand, or even an ice cream sundae bar. This approach not only caters to different dietary needs but also adds an element of fun as guests can mix and match toppings. Remember to label each station clearly and provide all necessary utensils for easy assembly. 

A DIY food station can be a hit at your graduation party, ensuring that your guests will have a memorable and delicious experience! 

Outdoor Games and Activities

If your graduation party is outdoors, consider setting up some fun games and activities to keep everyone entertained. You can have a photo booth with props related to graduation, such as caps, gowns, or diplomas. 

Another idea is to have a game of cornhole or ladder ball set up for guests to play. Lawn games like Giant Jenga or Connect Four are also great options. These activities not only provide entertainment but also encourage guests to mingle and have fun together. 

You can even have a prize for the winner to add some friendly competition to the mix.

Memory Board Display

Create a memory board or a photo collage showcasing the graduate’s journey through the years. Include photos from their early school days, moments of great achievements, candid shots with friends, and any memories that your favorite graduate holds dear. This display can serve as a visual walk down memory lane for the guests and the graduate.

Cap Decorating Station

Set up a cap decorating station with all sorts of art supplies like markers, stickers, and glitter glue. Guests can create personalized messages or designs on the graduation caps. This can be a fun and creative activity, and the decorated caps can serve as unique keepsakes from the party.

Graduation Themed Quiz

Organize a quiz based on the graduate’s journey so far. The questions can be about their favorite subjects, memorable incidents at school, or even about their future plans. This can be a fun way to include all the guests in the celebration and help them learn more about the graduate’s school life.

Message Jar

Place a jar with pens and small pieces of paper nearby. Invite guests to write their wishes, advice, or memories with the graduate. This can be a sentimental and personal way for guests to share their thoughts, and the graduate will leave with a jar full of heartfelt messages to read post-party.


Is it free to download these printables?

Yes, it is free to download and print any printable from our site. Just know this is for personal use only. You can not sell these digital printable files as your own.

Can you save and reuse these free printable graduation printables?

You sure can! There’s nothing wrong with reusing these printables if you have another graduate coming up in a few years! Just make sure you store them in a place you won’t forget. Also, if you laminate the pages, they’ll be stain-proof and last much better over time.

What are great graduation gifts to give to graduates? 

If you have someone graduating from college, think about gifting them items they’ll need when they’re heading to college in a few months. These can be appliances, gift cards, or a cash gift they can use to buy items for their apartment or dorm. If the graduate is of a different age, get them a gift idea that they’ll be able to use in whatever aspect of life they’re prepping for. 

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