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Over 21 Thirst Quenching Blue Drinks For Adults

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Blue drinks look mesmerizing and are excellent for birthdays, holidays, and parties. Looking for the perfect concoction to celebrate in style? Check out these blue cocktail drink recipes; your favorite is probably in there somewhere!

Six photos of blue alcoholic drinks.

One of the most popular ways to turn your drink blue is to add Blue Curacao, the famous liqueur. It has an alcohol content of 15%-40% and it’s often used as a cocktail ingredient.

There are other ways to make a blue beverage including food coloring. It’s even possible to make natural blue food coloring, and from a health standpoint, it’s worth it!

Have you noticed how blue drinks have such cool names? Fish Bowl, Hawaiian Sunrise, Jack Frost, Hurricane….and we’re just getting started.

You might have also heard of Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon, Drunken Mermaid, Blue Bird, Electric Lemonade, and Blue Glacier.

🍹Blue Cocktail Drinks For Your Next Party

Homemade cocktails are absolutely the best, and making them is really easy. These drinks will have your guests raving!

Cotton Candy Jello Shots

Pink and blue jello in a shot glass with sprinkles rimmed topped with whipped cream and blue cotton candy.

When you don’t have any blue curacao, these white, red, and blue jello shots made with cotton candy might be the perfect recipe for your party!

Yes, this drink is made with blue and red cotton candy, so it will have the yummy cotton candy flavor. You can replace the vodka with another spirit or remove it and make some kid-friendly jello shots.

Cotton Candy Jello Shots by Kim Schob

Blue Raspberry Jello Shots

Close up of a Blue Raspberry Jello Shot.

Blue Raspberry Jello Shots by Kim Schob

Looking for a last-minute blue drink to make for your party? These jello shots are ready in a few minutes, and after 2 hours in the fridge, they are ready to serve!

I used blue raspberry jello, although you can use any other flavor or color and make this an entirely new recipe.

If you love shots but not the jello kind, try my 3 ingredient blue kamikaze shots. They’re just as easy to whip up!

Blue Rumba Tropical Cocktail

Blue tropical cocktail drink garnished with cherry and citrus slices.

Blue Rumba Tropical Cocktail by The Purple Pumpkin Blog

If you’re hosting a pool party, tropical party, or you just love tropical flavors and you need a treat, try the Blue Rumba cocktail.

Apart from Blue Curacao, it contains rum and you can use coconut, pineapple, or white. Banana cream, coconut water, and lemon-lime soda complete this yummy drink; I would probably drink in excessive amounts!

Electric Lemonade Party Punch

Blue curacao party punch in tall glass garnished with lemon slice.

Electric Lemonade Party Punch by Crazy For Crust

Vodka, lemonade, and blue curacao are simple ingredients that make a tasty drink. This vodka party punch is easy to make in large batches, and looks very appealing.

To make it non-alcoholic, buy Blue Curacao syrup that’s alcohol-free. It would be a wonderful mocktail for the kids!

Blue Hawaiian Sunrise

Blue Hawaiian sunrise cocktail garnished with mint and cherries.

Blue Hawaiian Sunrise by The Soccer Mom Blog

Your pool party will be complete once you serve this gorgeous Blue Hawaiian Sunrise!

It’s a layered tropical cocktail mimicking the natural colors of a beachy sunrise. The flavors do not disappoint: Grenadine, pineapple rum and juice, guava juice, sweet and sour, and Blue Curacao make a very enjoyable combination.

Fish Bowl Drink Recipe

Fish Bowl Cocktail with gummy worms and an umbrella.

Fish Bowl Drink Recipe by Sugar & Cloth

This blue drink looks like a party in a glass!

The ingredients are straightforward: vodka, coconut rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix, and last but not least: Swedish fish. Decorations are important, right?

Drunken Mermaid

Drunken mermaid blue cocktail with ice and lime slice on white countertop.

Drunken Mermaid by I Am Baker

I’m sure at least the name of this cocktail will make your guests interested in giving it a try.

Drunken Mermaid has easy to find ingredients so no special orders needs to enjoy this one. Vodka, Blue Curacao, simple syrup, and hard seltzer are available in most grocery stores.

The taste is obviously delicious, and it perfectly matches the look of this drink.

Blue Hurricane Cocktail

Blue hurricane cocktail with fresh blueberries on wooden table.

Blue Hurricane Cocktail by Hungry Couple NYC

The darker blue of this cocktail comes from fresh blueberries which are added on top of Blue Curacao.

There’s also spiced rum, orange juice and lime juice in this refreshing drink. You can adjust the sweetness level with simple syrup.

It’s so easy to make, it’s really worth skipping store-bought premixed drinks such as blue Bacardi!

Electric Blue Butterfly Cocktail/Mocktail

Electric butterfly alcoholic drink with butterfly straw and lemon slice.

Electric Blue Butterfly Cocktail/Mocktail by Happiness Is Homemade

Isn’t this a beautiful blue drink? The good news is, you can have it ready in a few minutes.

Grab some vodka, lemonade, 7-Up, Blue Curacao, and ice. Add the ingredients in a tall glass, stir gently and enjoy!

Jack Frost Cocktail

Jack Frost blue cocktail in glass with snowy background.

Jack Frost Cocktail by Mantitlement

Jack Frost is a delicious winter cocktail you can serve on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

You’ll find many variations of this alcoholic beverage but this one seems excellent: vodka, blue curacao, pineapple juice and cream of coconut.

Blend these ingredients with ice to get that mouthwatering, creamy consistency and serve right away.

Blue Hawaiian Jello Shots

Blue Hawaiian jello shots garnished with pineapple chunks and cherries.

Blue Hawaiian Jello Shots by Home Cooking Memories

These blue Hawaiian jello shots inspired by the well-known cocktail will instantly liven up your party.

Malibu rum, blue curacao, and pineapple juice are the main ingredients, and berry blue jello binds the concoction.

Be sure to make these ahead of time: the shots need at least 4 hours in the fridge to set.

Blue Mule Drink

Blue Mule cocktail in copper mugs with ice and lime slices.

Blue Mule Drink by Tammilee Tips

The classic Moscow Mule cocktail is made with ginger beer, vodka, and lime. By adding Blue Curacao to the mix, you can turn it into the Blue Mule drink.

Serve it in copper mugs for a traditional look or in transparent glasses to show off that lovely blue hue.

Blue Mermaid Cocktails

Blue mermaid cocktail with straw and pink umbrella.

Blue Mermaid Cocktails by Amanda’s Cooking

When you’re enjoying summer with friends and loved ones, this is a quick cocktail recipe you can whip up in no time.

You only need two ingredients: blue curacao liquor and cream soda or lemonade. Garnishing with pineapple and cherries is optional. Sometimes it’s ok to skip the formalities!

Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Blue lagoon alcoholic cocktail with edible glitter.

Blue Lagoon Cocktail by Sugar & Soul

The Blue Lagoon cocktail contains simple ingredients such as blue curacao, lemonade, and vodka. There’s also a special one.

Blue luster dust is basically edible glitter that’s also used for desserts but you can totally add it to your drink and make it sparkly. How fun!

Bluebird Cocktail Recipe

Bluebird cocktail in glass with painted bird on wooden table.

Bluebird Cocktail Recipe by The Kitchen Magpie

This is another famous blue alcoholic drink that’s both pretty and yummy!

Gin, a dash of bitters, and blue curacao topped with a generous amount of ice sounds like a great way to get tipsy.

Hawaiian Blue Tropical Rum Cocktail

Hawaiian Blue Tropical Rum Cocktail in a glass with cherries and pink umbrella.

Hawaiian Blue Tropical Rum Cocktail by No Spoon Necessary

Pineapple, coconut, rum, and lime are all the flavors we need for one of the best tropical cocktails.

With just 5 ingredients needs, you can make large batches of this adult drink and serve a crowd without breaking a sweat.

Blue Motorcycle Drink

Blue Motorcycle Drink in glass with ice, lemon slice, and cherry.

Blue Motorcycle Drink by Sugar & Cloth

When you’re in the mood for a cocktail with a more complex flavor, try this aptly named drink recipe!

You’ll need white rum, tequila, vodka, gin, blue curacao, lemon-lime soda, and sweet and sour mix. It will be delicious, but don’t make too much. This one is best consumed fresh.

Blue Heaven Martini

Blue heaven martini cocktail with metallic shaker.

Blue Heaven Martini by Mantitlement

A Martini is hard to pass up. Make it blue and it will be impossible!

Vodka, blue curacao, and elderflower liquor make an interesting combination that’s perfect for a hot summer day. With quality ingredients, this cocktail is a guaranteed success.

Red White And Blue Slushy Cocktail

Red White And Blue Slushy cocktails with patriotic decor.

Red White And Blue Slushy Cocktail by Sugar, Spice, And Glitter

A slushy cocktail will help you fight hot weather and this one has a patriotic theme perfect for the 4th of July. It uses the red white blue Smirnoff vodka.

You might know it as Smirnoff’s Red White and Berry vodka, or Smirnoff Berry Blast vodka. It’s an original mix of citrus, blue raspberry, and cherry flavors that really works in this recipe.

Ocean Breeze Cocktail

Ocean breeze alcoholic cocktail with ice, blueberries, and lemon slices.

Ocean Breeze Cocktail by Julie’s Eats And Treats

This adult drink will remind you of oceanside beaches and wavy hair! You can easily make it in larger quantities and serve a crowd or just a single serving and pamper yourself.

Blue curacao, white rum, lemonade, lemon slices, blueberries, and lots of crushed ice transform into a cold drink with a wonderful taste you can enjoy on the beach, at a pool party, backyard BBQ, or picnic.

Blue Curacao Margarita

Blue curacao margarita drink with pink flowers in the background.

Blue Curacao Margarita by DIY Candy

Margarita remains an incredibly popular cocktail and if you have some blue curacao on hand, you can make this blue version in a few minutes.

Because it’s so famous, there are many varieties. Fresh mango margarita, and frozen strawberry margarita are two recipes I make often in the summer.

Blue Curacao Mojito

Blue curacao mojito drink with mint, ice, and lime slices.

Blue Curacao Mojito by Homemade Heather

Mojito is another classic cocktail that has a thousand variations and one of them is made with blue curacao. You simply need to replace part of the rum with blue curacao.

Another fun take on this refreshing drink is this fresh kiwi and mint mojito but you definitely try it with other fruit!

Sex In The Driveway Cocktail Recipe

Sex in the driveway cocktail with lemons slices.

Sex In The Driveway Cocktail Recipe by Tammilee Tips

The name of this drink is quite fun and it’s actually a blue version of the popular Sex On The Beach cocktail.

To make it, replace the cranberry juice with blue curacao. This is a pretty strong drink, so feel free to adjust the alcohol content by using less vodka if you want it lighter.

Blue Glacier Drink

Blue Glacier cocktail garnished with fresh mint and maraschino cherries.

Blue Glacier Drink by The Soccer Mom Blog

An icy looking drink perfect for the winter holidays and New Year’s Eve!

Vodka, blue curacao, white cranberry juice, lemon lime soda, and lime juice are simple ingredients and you can easily make a larger batch of this cocktail when you have many guests.

It’s quite refreshing, so you make it in the summer, no one will judge!


Can I substitute blue curaçao with another ingredient? 

You can replace blue curacao in cocktails and drinks with another orange-flavored liqueur, such as Curacao Clear Liqueur, Combier Triple Sec, Grand Marnier, and Cointreau L’Unique. To get the signature blue color, add a few drops of blue food coloring.

What is the blue drink that was popular in the 70’s?

The Blue Hawaii cocktail appeared in the Mad Men TV series and became popular in the 1970s. It was invented by Harry Yee, the head bartender of Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, in 1957.

Are blue alcoholic drinks stronger than other cocktails?

No, not necessarily. The color of a cocktail is not an indicator if its alcohol content. However, some cocktails make it easier to ingest a larger quantity of alcohol because of their increased palatability.

Do blue alcoholic drinks have a specific taste?

Blue Curacao is a popular blue-colored liqueur used to make blue cocktails and it has an orange flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste. However, not all cocktails are made with Blue Curacao, so they can have very different flavors.

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