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The Best Gender Reveal Games To Keep Them Guessing

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There are a lot of things that go into planning a Gender Reveal Party. From invites to balloons and food, you need to do a lot to prepare for this special occasion! Everyone will love this fun and creative Gender Reveal Games Printable Pack for a fun and eventful party, no matter who you’re throwing it for.

Gender Reveal Parties are a fun combination of exciting and nerve-wracking. After months of waiting to find out the gender of your little bundle of joy, the time has finally arrived! If you’re looking for some fun party games, you’re in the right place! 

Printable Gender Reveal Games With Baby Food On a Yellow Background.
Gender Reveal Printable Games

This printable pack has everything you need to plan and play a few fun Gender Reveal Party games. Whether you’re playing your games virtually or in person, this will be fun for anyone who wants to join in! Now onto the Gender Reveal Party games!

How It Works

It’s so easy to get started with the help of these fun printables. All you need to do is print out the printable pack, and you’re all set! Just make sure you print out multiple sets for each of the games so everyone has a copy.

If you have several people coming to play these games, you can split people into smaller groups to play instead. You can keep these fun Gender Reveal Party Games in a folder or laminate them to use for another person’s Gender Reveal Party.

What’s Included

This game pack includes printable games and answer keys to help you celebrate your gender reveal! Each printable is a unique game to play and includes answer keys where necessary.

Everything you need for these free printable baby shower games is found right here and is a great way to announce the big reveal!

Baby Name Game

Write a baby name for each letter of the alphabet for inspiration for the parents and a fun name game for guests! Since no one knows the gender of your baby, this is a fun way to get some cute name ideas from your friends and family members!

Printable Baby Name Gender Reveal Game.
Baby Name Gender Reveal Game

Wishes for Baby

Write the wishes for the new baby in this fun and inspirational activity. This is an easy way to make an adorable scrapbook and is one of the most popular baby shower games.

Printable Wishes for Baby Gender Reveal Game.
Wishes for Baby Gender Reveal Game

Mommy or Daddy

This fun his or hers game is a fun game to learn more about mom and dad’s habits from themselves. It may not have anything to do with the gender of the baby, but it’s still a good idea for the expectant parents to play along!

Printable Mommy Or Daddy Gender Reveal Game.
Printable “Mommy or Daddy” Game

Name that Song

How many of these songs with baby in the title can you guess? This is an entertaining matchup game anyone can play! Make sure that you set a time limit and have an end of the game so that there is a stopping point for the party guests.

Printable Name that Song Game.
“Name That Song” Gender Reveal Game

Old Wives Tales

Guess the mom’s symptoms to see what the old wives’ tales predict the baby’s gender will be!

This game is based on the old signs about how they used to figure out a baby’s gender. What better time to find out if they’re true or not?

Printable Old Wives Tales Gender Reveal Game.
Old Wives Tales Gender Reveal Game

Baby Predictions

Make predictions about the new baby! When will they arrive and who will they look like? Will you have more “team boy” or “team girl”at the shower? After the baby arrives, you’ll know if there’s a soothsayer in your group!

Printable Baby Predictions Gender Reveal Game.
Baby Predictions Gender Reveal Game


Is it free to download these printables?

Yes, it is free to download and print any printable from our site. Just know this is for personal use only. You can not sell these printables as your own.

Is there a certain order to play these fun baby shower games?

Nope, just pick your favorite game and start. These free printables are fun, no matter if you start with the first game on the list or the last!

What snacks should be served at a baby’s gender reveal party?

You can serve a corresponding candy bar full of sweets and treats – because chocolate is always the answer! Pink candy or blue candy is also fun as well!

What else should I add to a themed baby shower?

Make sure to decorate the room with baby items and pink and blue hearts! Or go for a Safari theme to match our printables and use an orange and green color scheme instead.

Snag Your Printable

Get your copy of these Gender Reveal Party Games printable. You’ll be able to download your copy of these party games by clicking the link and hitting the download button.

Other Printable Games

If you are looking for even more printable games, you’ll want to take a look at these other printables!

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