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3 Ingredient Rose Lemonade Cocktail

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Sip on this easy Rose lemonade cocktail this spring and summer. It is a three ingredient Rose cocktail that is bursting with sweet and sour flavor. Rose, frozen pink lemonade, and sparkling water. Garnish with lemons and raspberries for a final touch to this delicious cocktail.

Two Rose Lemonades in mason jar glasses next to a pitcher, raspberries, and lemons.

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This would also be a delicious cocktail for a baby shower or wedding shower. Pick and choose the type of glass to create an elegant presentation value. Or sip while you are sitting on your porch after a long work day. This pink cocktail is great anytime.

I have a few more easy drink recipes you might want to check out as well. Here is a jalapeno cucumber lemonade, this is a popular one in spring and summer. Or try out this peach gin fizz which is a tasty mixed cocktail.

What is Rose Lemonade

Rose lemonade is a cocktail that is made with Rose wine, concentrated lemonade, and sparkling water. It creates this sweet, sour, and refreshing cocktail that is great for the warmer months of the year.

If you love wine, this wine cocktail is one you might add to your list to try out. Make it by the glass, or consider making a pitcher for serving a crowd.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe!

  • Sweet and refreshing flavors in this simple pink cocktail.
  • Simple ingredients to use for making this rose drink.
  • Great for the warmer months of the year when you want a fruity and light mixed drink.
  • Budget friendly, for those looking for classic cocktails to make a crowd that is affordable.

Ingredients for a Rose Lemonade Cocktail

Containers of rose wine, pink lemonade, and sparkling water.

Rose Wine – So for this drink, I used rosé wine; you can use any brand you would like. One big thing I do recommend is make sure your Rose is nice and chilled before you pour it into the cocktail. You will find this step will help enhance the mixed drink tremendously.

Water – Sparkling water, club soda or tonic are what you will use to add a “bubble” effect to the drink. Now, if you are not big on sparkling water, you could always add ginger ale or a lemon lime soda.

Lemonade – Frozen pink lemonade concentrate is what I reached for. You can use other flavors like raspberry lemonade or even a plain lemonade. Feel free to play around with the flavor to create the perfect flavored drink for you. You can even use homemade lemonade if you have some fresh lemons.

Garnish – This is totally optional, but you might like to garnish this rosé lemonade cocktail with lemon slices, raspberries or even strawberries. Have fun creating the perfect warm weather drink. Some people like to use rose petals, but I like to stick with an easy cocktail recipe, so a lemon wheel is about as fancy as I go!

Substitutions and Variations

  • Use a different flavor of lemonade. Plain, raspberry, or strawberry work well to make a pink lemonade cocktail. You can even experiment with something like lavender lemonade.
  • Swap the lemonade with a limeade.
  • Use lemon lime soda or ginger ale in replace of sparkling water.
  • For a kid-friendly drink use juice to replace alcohol. Cranberry, strawberry, or other flavored juice.
  • Add in frozen fruit to garnish the glass. But also, as it melts, it will enhance the flavor of the drink.
  • Use a different type of wine if you would like.

The complete list of ingredients, quantities, and instructions can be found in the printable recipe card below.

How To Make

Collage of filling a pitcher with rose wine, pink lemonade, and sparkling water.
  1. In a large pitcher, pour your lemonade concentrate. (Photo 1)
  2. Add the sparkling water and Rose. (Photo 2)
Collage of rose lemonade cocktail in a pitcher with ice.
  1. Stir well and top with ice cubes. (Photos 3 & 4)
  2. Serve in glasses and garnish with lemons and fruit. Something like a chilled Collins glass works well.
Two Rose Lemonades in a mason jar glasses garnished with sliced lemon and raspberries.
Closeup of Rose Lemonade in a mason jar glass garnished with sliced lemon and raspberries.

Storing Tips

This is a drink that should be made right before being served. The reason is the sparkling water will go flat pretty quickly. So whip up the cocktail and serve.

If you have leftovers, you can store in the fridge in a sealed pitcher. Then, before serving, stir well and top off your glass with more sparkling water.

What to serve with this wine cocktail

Let me share a few of my favorite appetizers that complement this cocktail in a big way. Consider whipping up this pico de gallo and serve with salty chips. It is a spicy appetizer that you will want to cool down with a cocktail. Or consider this watermelon bites made with feta cheese such a refreshing option.

Recipe FAQs

Can I make a non-alcoholic version of this cocktail?

Swap the alcohol with juice or even add in more sparkling water and it will be a kid friendly drink. I like to use juice to sweeten up the drink even more or you could add some simple syrup.

What is the flavor profile of a rose lemonade cocktail?

Sweet, floral, tart, and refreshing is what you will find the flavor profile of this lemonade rose cocktail. It is a perfect drink for the spring and summer months. 

Can I garnish my rose lemonade cocktail?

Garnish your drink anyway you would like. I like to use a lemon slice and add raspberries for a touch of color. You can use fresh mint leaves, any fruit, and even add sugar around the rim of the glass. Have fun creating a decorative cocktail.

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Rose Lemonade in a mason jar glass garnished with ice, sliced lemon, and raspberries.
5 from 6 votes

Rose Lemonade

Author: Kim Schob
Course: Beverages
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes
Yields 8 servings
Rose Lemonade takes just three ingredients to make. This is a refreshing cocktail that is sweet, floral flavored, and offers a tartness that leaves you wanting more. Reach for your frozen lemonade concentrate to create this pink cocktail that turns heads.


  • 1 Can Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate 295mL
  • 750 mL Sparkling Water or Tonic
  • 750 mL Rose
  • Lemons and Raspberries optional garnish


  • Add all ingredients into your pitcher.
    1 Can Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate,750 mL Sparkling Water or Tonic,750 mL Rose
  • Stir well to combine, and then top with ice.
  • Serve right away, and garnish glasses with sliced limes and raspberries if you would like.
    Lemons and Raspberries


  • Rose – Any brand of rose works. Feel free to buy your favorite brand. 
  • Lemonade – I used frozen concentrate as it creates a richer flavor. You can use plain lemonade, raspberry, or pink like I did. 
  • Sparkling Water – If you do not want to use sparkling water, tonic works or even lemon lime soda or ginger ale. 
  • Garnish – Garnish with fresh fruit, slices of lemons, or even dip rim of glass in corn syrup, then roll in a sugar for a sweet rimmed cocktail. 
  • Kid Friendly – Leave out the rose and replace with your child’s favorite fruit juice. 

Nutrition Information

Calories: 0.2kcal Carbohydrates: 0.1g Fat: 0.001g Sodium: 23mg (1%) Potassium: 21mg (1%) Sugar: 0.1g Vitamin A: 278IU (6%) Vitamin C: 0.02mg Calcium: 12mg (1%) Iron: 0.1mg (1%)

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  1. 5 stars
    This cocktail is my new favorite summer go-to! It’s refreshing and I always have the ingredients at home. Such a fun happy hour drink to make at home. Thanks!

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