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25 Easy Summer BBQ Recipes To Try Out!

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Summer BBQ recipes that are screaming summer fun in the sun. From tasty grilling recipes to easy side dishes and desserts to serve up. This list of favorite summer BBQ recipes will tickle those taste buds and leave you wanting one more bite. Enjoy one or more of these summer grill recipes!

Collage of different kinds of BBQ recipes.

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For us, summer is all about being outside on a warm summer evening, grilling, soaking up the sun, and enjoying late nights under the stars. So, whether you are looking for some summer party food ideas to whip up or just a list for dinner, here is a list that can be a perfect fit.

Chili Lime Grilled Pineapple

A plate of food on a table, with Grilling and Lime

These Chili Lime Grilled Pineapple spears are going to be the best side dish at your next barbecue this summer! They are rubbed with lime and an Indian street-style spice mix of chili, chaat masala, and salt to make a spicy, tangy, yet sweet, vibrant dish.

Grilled Baby Potatoes

A plate of food, with Grilling and Chicken

This baby potato side dish is a perfect complement to your favorite BBQ meats. It is grilled with olive oil, garlic, and herbs.

Instant Pot BBQ Ribs

A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden cutting board, with Pork and Steak

These Instant Pot BBQ ribs are absolutely delicious. They’re ready in no time. Serve with extra sauce, and enjoy!

Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

A close up of food on a grill, with Grilling and Cheese

With succulent, juicy mushrooms and savory sausage filling, these grilled mushrooms with cheese are SO full of smoky, delicious flavor.

Watermelon Feta Basil Salad

A plate of food with a slice cut out, with Summer and Watermelon

Every BBQ needs this watermelon feta basil salad! It’s light and refreshing and topped with a zesty honey-lime vinaigrette.

Simple Veggie Skewers

A tray of food, with Grilling and Skewer

These Simple Vegetable Skewers are bright, beautiful, and delicious option. Grilled to perfection for a summery flavor, the mix of colorful vegetables and fresh herbs makes this dish a flavorful favorite.

BBQ Sweet Potatoes

Different types of food, with Grilling and Potato

These BBQ Sweet Potatoes are made with sweet potato rounds that are grilled with BBQ sauce. An easy healthy vegetarian recipe for grilling!

Dry Rub Baby Back Oven Ribs

A close up of a plate of food, with Grilling and Pork

No grill, no problem – this easy dry rubbed oven rib recipe will become a summer family favorite! Fall off the bone tender with only about 15 minutes of effort to prep.

Grilled BBQ Chicken Recipe

A close up of food, with Grilling and Chicken

With a brine that keeps the chicken juicy and some homemade BBQ rub, this grilled BBQ chicken is the perfect dish when breaking out the grill.

Honey Lime Chicken Thighs

A plate of food, with Grilling and Chicken

Succulent, juicy chicken in a sweet and citrusy marinade – these Honey Lime Grilled Chicken Thighs are perfect for any summer backyard BBQ. They’re so easy they practically grill themselves.

Southwest Quinoa Salad

A bowl of food on a plate, with Salad and Feta

Southwest Quinoa Salad is loaded with protein thanks to the superfoods quinoa and black beans. This delicious vegan dish is a perfect side dish for your next BBQ!

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

A pile of food, with Grilling and Skewer

These quick and easy Grilled Shrimp Skewers are loaded with Thai flavors: coconut milk, lemongrass, lime, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, and more. Fresh pineapple adds a perfect sweetness. They grill in less than 5 minutes!

Smoked Mac and Cheese

Transform ordinary macaroni & cheese by smoking it on the grill or in a smoker. You’ll love this fun twist on an old favorite with our Smoked Mac and Cheese recipe

Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

A variety of fruit on a plate, with Cream and Fruit dip

This creamy two-ingredient Cream Cheese Fruit Dip is always a hit! Add it to your fruit platter, and everyone is sure to get in a serving or two of fruit with dinner.

Southern Baked Beans

A bowl of food on a table, with Burger and Bean

These Southern Baked Beans are made with a delicious whiskey maple BBQ sauce, ground burger made from plants, onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, brown sugar, and flavors to make your summer BBQ or family gathering a hit!

Smoked Burgers

A close up of a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden table

Smoking burgers on the grill is the absolute best way to cook juicy burgers. The smoke from the grill adds delicious flavor to the meat, and the burgers are so juicy and tender. These are quick to prepare and even easier to cook

Grilled Garlic Butter Salmon

A plate of food with a slice of pizza, with Chicken and Salad

Grilled salmon recipe made with fresh salmon fillets brushed with dill garlic butter sauce and grilled for 10 minutes for a juicy, golden finish. Only 5 ingredients and 5 minutes prep for grilled garlic butter salmon!

Smoked Turkey Burgers

A sandwich

Smoked turkey burgers are so moist and flavorful. The rich flavor of a smoked burger will win over the crowd!

Grilled Corn on the Cob

A plate full of food, with Grilling and Corn

Grilled corn on the cob is a summer staple! It cooks quickly when peeled and grilled, giving these juicy ears of corn a smoky flavor and grill marks.

Southwest Pasta Salad

A dish is filled with food, with Chicken and Salad

This cool Southwest Pasta Salad, with chicken, pasta, corn, and black beans, is covered in a creamy avocado dressing and makes a perfect summer side dish.

Grilled Peaches with Greek Yogurt and Maple Syrup

A plate of food, with Fruit and Peach

Grilled peaches are a lightened-up fruit dessert to make in summer with fresh peaches. It is sugar-free, low in calories, and so easy to make in just 10 minutes. Pair it with Greek yogurt and sprinkle nuts to finish it perfectly

Watermelon with Feta and Blueberry


Sweet and savory watermelon feta and blueberry are healthy, easy, and refreshingly delicious! These vegetarian appetizer (or dessert) bites are super easy to make, cheap, and perfect for a potluck, BBQ, picnic, or regular family dinner!

Cider Honey Chicken Skewers

A pizza sitting on top of a wooden cutting board, with Grilling and Chicken

Cider Honey Chicken Skewers with Sweet Mustard Sauce are marinated in a sweet and savory apple cider and mustard sauce and served with a cool and delicious honey mustard dipping sauce.

Grilled Steak

A plate of food, with Grilling and Steak

Make the Perfect Grilled Steak this summer! Keep it simple with this 6-ingredient easy recipe for the best steaks on the grill with a simple seasoning, no marinating time, and a delicious buttery flavor!

Keto Pork Chops with Salsa

A plate of food, with Chicken and Pork

These Whole30, paleo, and grilled keto pork chops scream summer! The pork chops rest in a cilantro-lime marinade, are grilled to perfection, and are then served with super fresh pineapple or tomato avocado salsa.

How Do You Store BBQ Food Until Serving?

  • Ensure all food is fully cooked before you start storing it for later. Partially cooked food is a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Store your BBQ food in airtight containers. This will help maintain the freshness and flavor of the dishes.
  • Refrigerate your food as soon as possible. Leaving food out in warm weather can cause it to spoil quickly.
  • Separate different types of food. Meat such as chicken breast should be stored separately from salads or desserts to avoid cross-contamination.
  • If you’re dealing with large quantities of food, consider using a cooler filled with ice to keep food cool until it’s time to serve.
  • Utilize food warmers for items like grilled veggies or baked beans that are best served hot.
  • Always check the temperature of stored food before serving. To kill harmful bacteria, it should be heated to at least 165°F.


Here are some common questions when it comes to these summer BBQ recipes! I will help you to master your summer cookout recipes.

Do you let steak rest once cooked?

Once your steak is done being cooked on the grill, let it rest for 5- 10 minutes. This will lock in the juices, so when you slice into it, you have optimal flavor. You will want to do the same with chicken and pork. If you slice into pork or chicken, especially right away, it releases all the juices inside and leaves your meat very dry.

What are some easy sides for summer?

I enjoy reaching for pasta salads, light salads, etc. You can also reach for classic grilled veggies like corn and potato packets. Have fun and create a dish that you can prep in advance and store in the fridge or toss on the grill. That way, you don’t have to turn your oven on and can keep your home cool.

How to pick a ripe watermelon?

Watermelon screams summer. Here are a few pointers when picking watermelon out at the store. These tips help you to find a flavorful fruit to slice and serve up. Pick up and feel the weight of the watermelon. You want it to feel heavy for its size. I generally pick up a few and then gauge which weighs more. Next, look where the vine was. You want to pick a melon that has that yellowish-brown spot. This is a field spot. That means it was ripened on the vine, which is a good indicator the watermelon is going to be ripe. Watermelons stop ripening once they are picked from the vine.

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